a picture of Melissa (Grill Momma) standing by a grill outside

Welcome! I’m Melissa Reome the author, cook, photographer and teacher known as Grill Momma. Since I was old enough to reach the stove, I have always loved to cook and help my mother after her long days at work. When I became a mother myself, I loved to cook for my own family as well as friends. My cooking expertise ranges from both indoor and outdoor cooking with an ever bigger focus on the realm of grilling outdoors in my later years. A pharmacist by trade, cooking has long provided a joyful escape from a stressful and demanding job.

a picture of Melissa "Grill Momma" standing in a funny apron in front of a picture of a guy in the same apron
Teaching at Premier Grilling in Texas

I love to grill on all different types of equipment ranging from live fire cooking over wood or charcoal, on gas grills, Kamado style cooking, pellet grills, my offset smoker and just about everything in between. There is a beauty in knowing as long as you have an adequate heat source and know how to manage temperature, you can cook just about anything, anywhere.

After creating my Grill Momma social media pages years ago, I was fortunate to become friends with a number of people that loved to grill and cook just like myself. It was quite incredible how you can bond with people you’ve never met before through the common love of food and grilling.  How wonderful that people so seemingly different, with different backgrounds, from all over the world, can chat about ideas, techniques and recipes online. In 2016, a group of those friends who had never met or cooked together, formed a team that would compete together after many months of planning.

In 2016, our team “Eggcellent Eats” competed at Big Green Egg Eggtoberfest event in Stone Mountain Georgia and took 2nd place our first year competing. The following year 2017, we came back to proudly capture the 1st place title. I’m thrilled to say, I became lifelong friends with many of my teammates. Sharing this common with a group of such great people brought me so much joy.

Once I publicly started sharing my love of grilling, it became an adventure.  I was teaching grilling classes in Texas, traveling for events here in the U.S. and cooking for thousands in Canada. I was even fortunate to cover an event in Dublin, Ireland.  Traveling kept me busy with something I loved and exposed me to a lot of great people and great food.  My traveling may have slowed down but my desire to teach people has only grown stronger.

Grilling is not something that is just for the guys and should not be intimidating I promise you.  Let me show you that with a little guidance, you too can create fabulous meals on and off the grill with little effort. I would love for you to join me on my culinary journey!

a picture of team eggcellent eats together after wiining competition
Team Eggcellent Eats Winners of Big Green Egg Eggtoberfest 2017